Today here in Australia it’s Easter Sunday, in other parts of the world it’s Saturday night, or Sunday afternoon.

This week the Easter Bunny, put in an application on compassionate grounds (people still need to eat chocolate, despite the supermarkets being stripped bare of toilet paper, flour, eggs, cake mixes, Aloe Vera gel (I still cannot let that one go!) and as the bunny waited to enter each of the different Australian states it’s been a week of gasps when I’ve read the news about a celebrity either getting backlash for something which inevitably being linked to COVID-19 or getting praise.

I too had the same idea as the actress (I use the term loosely here) Tori Spelling and was pondering the idea of doing a meet and greet with my fans and followers online.

Unlike Tori, I wasn’t going to charge $95 for a virtual video chat (no one is allowed to shake hands with anyone during this COVID– 19 crisis).


The backlash didn’t take long, social media is like that these days. I was merely floating the idea around in my head, but Mrs Spelling was actually planning on going ahead with it.

Unlike her, I didn’t forge ahead with it and I didn’t need my husband to come out to defend me, mainly because I don’t have a husband.

Anyway, my week wasn’t filled with being called ‘entitled’ and ‘appalling’. This is how my week went;


I begin my week by plugging in my phone and then going onto YouTube and doing a 20 min fall flat on the floor gasping for air, covered in sweat workout. Premiers around Australia received an application from the Easter Bunny (who had clearly been in hibernation) to cross into each individual state within Australia (our boarders are currently closed, which means that if you live in WA, you can’t jump on a plane and head to Melbourne). I closely followed this news story until bedtime.



Decide to plough on with my dripping with sweat workout videos via YouTube, can a human being produce this much sweat in under half an hour? I could have watered my garden with what came out of me. Next time I’ll place a bucket by my side and drip into it. Not sure if the plants will appreciate it, but these are cost saving times and I cannot afford to run the hose around the garden, generously giving plants a well-deserved drink of water.



My body is sore, but I continue to do these workouts in the vain hope of feeling physically and mentally better by the end of it. The only piece of excitement is that I have a Zoom meeting tomorrow for 2 hours. I don’t know what Zoom is or how to operate it. But I feel it’s very similar to Skype. I ask the person with whom I am having my Zoom meeting with if we can do a Skype meeting instead. They decline. In the afternoon I put out my note pad, pen and make sure that in the morning I have my snacks ready in a plastic container by my side.



To prepare myself for my Zoom meeting I do a workout in my pool as the heat appears to have been cranked up (Yes, I am well aware that it is still summer here in Australia, but still a little light relief via some fresh cool air wouldn’t go a miss right about now). I have my Zoom meeting which lasts approximately 2 hours. I am exhausted. I have no snacks left, but my tummy is hungry, and I go and make a sandwich. I have a ham and cheese salad one just in case anybody is remotely interested. I did spot some tuna in the fridge in another plastic container, but it really hadn’t come to that. I wasn’t feeling that desperate or low enough to place some tuna into my mouth.



I’ve just seen the well-respected journalist and television presenter Lisa Wilkinson (she has great hair, sharp with a sassy twist to it) tell me to wash my hands, I didn’t think twice and heeded her advice and went and spent 20 seconds washing my hands. Thanks Lisa. Mum and I venture into Aldi (my beef with them is temporarily on hold for the time being) because as I’ve explained you cannot get everything that you need via the online priority shopping websites. I don’t want to venture into Aldi alone after my last visit to them. I take a half an hour walk afterwards to maintain my mental health and general well-being.

Lisa Wilkinson


Woke up to 100% humidity today. I can feel that it’s going to be a stifling hot long drawn out heatwave type of day. By the end of the day I am exhausted by the heat but content with having air con.



I wake to find that the Easter Bunny has visited me and left an egg for me to enjoy. Lucky that the bunny was able to travel across Australia given the current travel restrictions being in place.


Happy Easter everyone.

Carry On The Conversation

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