This week I took my own advice, yes, I actually went back and read a blog post that I had written all about triggers and what to do when that happens.

I was as amazed as you are right now. It was a combination of things really, stemming from a development project that I am working on to being triggered by unexpected visitors to my house.

You too can refresh your memory whilst you are getting comfy in your oversized sweater sipping your hot chocolate embracing the winter weather and re visit the article that I wrote here


Monday was Autistic Pride Month. I had no idea that this day existed and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, shame? Embarrassment? I think that I just wasn’t that self-aware to be honest with you. To read more about the day click on the link here. I will be celebrating this next year.




I head to Grand Ocean Park with my exercise physiologist and fought through sweat and exhaustion to get to my favourite exercise lying on the mat and stretching and sipping some much-needed water and then walking back home and into the welcomed arms of a hot shower.

Grand Ocean Park



The project development that I am currently working on had to be saved in the word document that I was working on and I had to step away from it.

The issue became about me stressing myself out and not allowing myself to step back from the document that I was working on and to allow myself time to take a deep breath, go outside and enjoy the winter sun and say to myself it’s ok, you can come back to this at another time.

Don’t rush it. Its like my article that I wrote here says take time out for yourself.



I switch on the TV and on a morning show I hear the words life hack expert. Now I’m not looking at the TV at this point, I’m halfway through solving a word wheel puzzle on my mobile phone.

But when I heard the words life hack expert a yawn found its way across my face because I thought it was to do with computers and hacking, but no it appears the expert from Brisbane was telling the small sized middle aged audience that this show attracts all about how to bring in an income during these COVID times.

Looking up after getting the word Barrier on my word wheel puzzle I was very impressed with myself too and I did give myself a pat on the back the expert was not who I was expecting to see.

But its like the old saying goes looks can be deceiving and in this case they were.



Plagiarism reared it’s ugly head and bought something to my attention that I didn’t have a disclosure policy on my website and in light of this very publicised case I immediately went and logged into my word press account and rectified this.

I’m not going to go into the specifics of this case, but the person said in their apology video that they were that busy during the COVID lockdown (how? They couldn’t go anywhere. They are based in LA and they were on a lock down 4 like New Zealand was until recently) had out sourced the work needed to be put into writing and putting together a book and that this outsourced team had thought that by literally coping and pasting work from prominent bloggers no one would bother to check that they’d been that lazy and done this.

Well the joke was on them because people did and then the backlash started. You can read my policy here



I am sitting here in my bedroom tackling my project development document and there is a hue of peace and quiet and I can think and concentrate and be left alone with my thoughts.

This hue doesn’t last for long and in the end, I go and do a 40 min workout in the park in order to gain some perspective and clarity back in my head.



Currently next doors kids are out screaming and yelling out each other’s names and this is called being kids and enjoying themselves well I call it giving me a headache and I don’t like headaches so as I finish this blog post I will move to another room/part of the house and attempt to be in a silent world once more one which I thoroughly enjoy being a part of.


Carry On The Conversation

As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Autistic Nick Facebook Page

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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