Its Sunday and its currently 10.21 am (AWST) and the sun had been shining momentarily but has now decided that shining momentarily is all that it’s got and has left and allowed the dark rain clouds to come and be centre stage. This weather scenario reflects my current mood and how my week played out.


Monday’s are like when you know that you’ve gained 5lbs in weight but are ignoring it by wishing it wasn’t true and that be some miracle by Tuesday it’ll have all disappeared overnight. But Monday’s aren’t like Tuesday’s they want to remind you, they want to goad you, Monday’s are just the passive aggressive day of the week. Monday’s also remind you that it’s time to exercise and you begrudgingly slip out of your warm winter pj’s and into your exercise gear and begin your 30-40 min workout routine. Bloody Monday’s.



Tuesday cannot be Monday in that it tries to carry on Monday’s work but fails, it’s not been trained and really by the time Tuesday comes around it’s given up on the week like the rest of us. Tuesday is the day that I sent an accountability email to the person that I am currently working with on my development project, the intention behind the email was to see how we were tracking and that we were progressing well as well as examining our contractual agreement. I am not and have never been a confrontational person, so with the help from my mum to construct the email I sent it off to this person.  I got a reply later on saying great and that we’d chat about it all on Thursday. Much like the previous weather scenario I wrote about the full extent of this person’s response was yet to come.



As predicted by me in Tuesday’s entry the person that I emailed on Tuesday who declared that everything was dandy had now in their words “had time to think and reconsider their response”. What did I tell you? So, I braced myself and opened the email. Sure, enough there it was on black and white typeface Verdana and font size 12 their reply. Who uses Verdana to respond to an email? They were basically now refuting everything that they had previously accepted in Tuesday’s email. I knew that once they’d gone away and had a think about what I’d sent them and let it sink in they’d come back with a difference response.



Our Zoom meeting day. Oh boy, oh boy was this day one that I wasn’t looking forward to. Reluctantly I signed in and we spent the next hour discussing, dissecting, analysing, and generally picking apart paragraph by paragraph every single word, line, sentence before we had peace. It was more intense that a Real Housewives four-part reunion episode. After the two-hour meeting I collapsed onto my bed and silently screamed in my head thanking my stars that today had ended.



More emails, an hour’s phone call, a trip to Aldi for groceries, back to take more phone calls, answer more emails and then have lunch. I felt like a CEO for the morning. But one minus an assistant and one with a shed load of workers below me working hard whilst I gazed out of the 26th window of my building that overlooks Perth CBD thinking about what to spend my millions on before lunch time. In the afternoon I had a long walk to clear my head and to breathe in some fresh air.



A day of rest but not for me. I’ve got work to do for my development project and thus my day begins. I break for a walk, some lunch, a nap and some indulgent tv. I take one more look over my work and then retire for the day.



Dark rain filled clouds clutter the sky, the sun had been out but had decided that it had, had enough and wanted out so it allowed the rain to come in and play instead. It’s dark and cold and the day like most Sunday’s are a day for hot filled meals, like soup, or cottage pie and I can dress in warm clothing and snuggle up on the sofa cradling a cup of tea whilst a blanket drapes over my body keeping me warm. The day hasn’t ended for me just yet. I’ve still got a list of things to do but now at least I can tick this blog post off it. I’ve got a meeting on Tuesday to prep for, I’ve got to reply to an email, and have lunch.


Carry On The Conversation

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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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