FUN FACT It is a 29- minute drive from Joondalup to the Yagan Square our meeting point for the start of my walking tour

FUN FACT And is a distance of 28.1 K from Joondalup to Yagan Square

FUN FACT I am going to be going on a walking tour starting from Yagan Square this Saturday the 21st November.

FUN FACT I am extremely nervous!!

I struggle with finding and then committing to getting out and about more in Perth. So, much so that a few weeks back I sat down with my laptop and decided that it was time that I ventured outside of my comfort zone (my bedroom) and into the wider community.

Thus far it’s not gone to plan with the food tour which I was meant to be going on a few weeks back being cancelled.

Undeterred I marched onwards and went ahead and booked a city walking tour organised by Oh hey WA.

My sister had already been on one of their tours and have raved about it so much so that I decided to go ahead and book one for this Saturday (21st November).





For more information about Yagan Square click here in the heart of Perth’s CBD – within the arms of the Horseshoe Bridge – Yagan Square is one of the city’s most popular community, meeting and celebration places.

More than just a transit area for the thousands of workers and residents connecting with public transport or walking between the CBD and Northbridge – Yagan Square is a place to have fun, meet, play, eat and shop from a showcase of WA.

Yagan Square is a place unlike anywhere else in the city.

Yagan Square is a hub of activity both during the day and at night with cafes, restaurants, pop-ups and shopping providing plenty of things to see and do. The Square has a spectacular lighting display on the underside of the canopies and the iconic Digital Tower.



For more information about the Perth Cultural Centre and any upcoming events click here

The Perth Cultural Centre is a vibrant space in the lively neighbourhood of Northbridge, where the arts, culture, knowledge and community come together.

The Perth Cultural Centre hosts community events, markets, music and arts festivals, and is the perfect setting for people to relax, mingle, and enjoy a bite to eat.


Perth Street Art & Sculpture Tour

Discover the incredible artwork that colours Perth’s streets, laneways and public spaces that you might never find on your own! This tour will showcase street art, including murals, underground art and sculptures, providing information about the artists, techniques used and stories behind the artworks. You will see a range of different pieces by Aboriginal, local and international artists and discover why Perth has become a world-renowned artistic hub.


2HRS / 3KM (approx.)

Departs from: Yagan Square by the Digital Tower / Ends at: The Perth Cultural Centre

What to weartours run in all-weather so please dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

The aim of going on this walking tour is so that I can see what Perth showcase and celebrate the best of Perth. The tour guides guests through streets, laneways and public spaces to discuss a range of topics including street art, history, architecture, nightlife and new developments while sharing fun facts and quirky stories along the way.

This is going to be a big deal for me as it’s on a Saturday and I’m sure that they’ll be a lot of people around the Northbridge area at the time of the tour.

The main issue with shopping in the CBD on a Saturday for me is that it feels as if from every angle every part of my senses is being attacked it’s a bit like I am being intentionally slaughtered.

But I know that I cannot allow this to dictate how I spend my weekends. I know I have the tools and strategies to be able to cope if I am triggered by anything or anyone. I also am aware that I have my support worker with me and that they know what to do if I find myself about to have a meltdown for whatever reason.

For more information about Oh Hey WA tours and to book a tour check out their website below


Have you been on a Oh Hey WA walking tour before?

How did it go?

Let me know about your experiences in the comments section below

As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Autistic Nick Facebook Page

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.


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