It’s Sunday here in Western Australia, the time is 1.22pm AWST. I have just eaten a cheese and ham toastie and drunk a delicious cup of tea.

The rain comes and lashes against my window like it’s staring in an Adele song about regret, loss, feeling unloved, not thinking about that Italian guy who she’s keen on, but he’s in a long-term relationship, still can that stop her?

Also, Adele has never written a song about Italy and in particular heading off to the sun-drenched shores of Lombardy which is a region in Northern Italy. Its capital, Milan, is a global hub of fashion and finance, with many high-end shops and restaurants. 

I have successfully completed my Zoom meeting and now I am writing this blog post ready to be published on Monday morning.

But my mind wanders, I start to think what is Caro Meldrum-Hanna the multi-award-winning investigative journalist up to?


Is she hunched over her desk at work or is she staring out of her Sydney ABC office window?

What is she thinking?

Is she keen to get her teeth into something, a new investigation of some kind? But what?

A missing whiteboard from someone’s pigeonhole at work perhaps? She mused over this she wasn’t sure if she could justify a documentary budget for a three-part investigation into this alleged incident that she had just thought up?

For now, I’ll leave Caro Meldrum-Hanna to ponder her next documentary move as I tell you about my week which wasn’t as dramatic as hers.


My mind is unable to get that Adele song out of my head “Cold Shoulder”. It plays out in my head all day. I try to block it, not because it’s a bad song, but because I need to fill my head with different things. I exercise, I work on my mentoring notes, I eat a simple yet satisfying lunch, but no, all I can see are the ice sculptures that appear in the video standing in the kitchen, I imagine a conversation between these two. Her: Why are you being so icy towards me? Him: I told you not to invite your mother for lunch.



More work is needed on my mentoring work that I am involved with. More dialogue cuts are needed to be made to the script. The blood shed is like the red wedding from Game of Thrones. It’s relentless and in my opinion unnecessary but I am not the expert here!



It’s exercise psychology day which means readers it’s time to see Jake! Yep, I see the fan emails coming in for him. I read all the comments that people say about him! I’m looking to get merch made at some point to sell it to his ever-growing fan base! Now as you are all aware I am not a fan of exercise, but I do it because I want to get fitter and also because it’s good for my mental health. I sweat, I swear, I am a winner by the end of the 1-hour session. A shower and lunch is what is needed. And which I take!



When Thursday pops it’s head around or up or I realise that it’s Thursday it means only one thing, time to get organised Nick!!  

This is a busy day for me! On the one hand I have to brave the Aldi shoppers and do the food shopping for the week. (I can hear my sister now correcting me by saying that I don’t have to go on Thursday I chose to go which is correct), but I am NEVER going on the weekend, and Friday I am at work! 

I foolishly check work emails and get caught up emailing people about work related articles which eats into my mentoring time! When will I ever learn Nick when? Never is the answer! This is the night when I prepare for work the next day.  

I make sure that I had packed my backpack the night before, this meant packing a lunch, shaving, washing, and ironing an outfit suitable for work, making sure my car had enough petrol in it, my shoes were polished, I had my word search puzzle book and a pen, my work notebook, and a water bottle as well as my noise cancelling headphones.

I also made sure that my phone was fully charged before I leave home. Although I do take it with me in my backpack just in case my phone dies of a low battery. I watch the news that night and am informed that I will have to wear a mask on the train. I somehow foolishly agreed to go into the office instead of working from home! Too late now to change my mind! I now mentally prepare myself for the thought of wearing a mask on a train.



I make some last minute adjustments to my story and then I work on the one that’s fingers crossed coming out next weekend. I then set about emailing people who may be interested in being part of an upcoming article that I am writing. By 2.42pm AWST I am sitting on the train Homewood bound.



I usually take Saturday as my rest day. I like to do nothing and unwind and relax and process what’s happened on Friday at work. Sunday is the day when I usually write/come up with blog ideas! Thus, my week ends!


Carry on the Conversation.

As always, I can be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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