It’s 1.45pm AWST and currently since the beginning of the week the wind and the heavy rain have joined forces to do battle in a new reality show I’m calling “Weather Battles!”.

I’m inside my bedroom and outside its cold, grey, dark, as the howling winds smash against the heavy downpour of rain.

My week hasn’t been as violent or as competitive as the weather currently is.


I publish my 261-blog post. There was a gap between that one and the 260th one. I wrote a blog post explaining why. I still got emails complaining even after I pointed out the many reasons why. Two main reasons stick out for me. One I don’t advertise that on Monday morning a freshly written brand spanking new blog post will appear magically on my website and two I am not a machine who can pump out blog posts each and every week. Sometimes nothing happens to me and sometimes I don’t have any idea of what I’m going to write. Give me a break Alan from Yeppoon and Karen from East Perth.



The rain by this point has lifted its game and is on course to take out the trophy in my reality tv show “Weather Battles.”

I grab an umbrella and a coat and head out with my support worker to my occupational therapy appointment.

By the time I leave the wind has “woken up” and is pissed with the rain for taking such a strong hold on the reality tv show competition and roars and howls and blows things like branches and leaves up in the air as a sign of its distain for the rain and all it stands for.



By now word has gotten out and thunder decides to chuck its hat into the ring for weather winner and it strikes up loud thunderous lightening attacks to do weather combat with the rain and the wind.

I am currently working out with my exercise physiologist, and I can see from inside the gym that outside its not looking good weather wise.

I suddenly remember that a birthday approaches for someone which is this coming Friday.



Here’s a question how many exercise physiologists does it take to work me out? The answer is THREE! Two are students and one is an actual professional! I am given a workout by them all whereby the next day I can barely walk!

But as I squat down to the ground, or box with some dumb bells I am none the wiser of what’s in store for me on Friday.

I go about the rest of my day, food shopping in Aldi, and preparing myself for work on Friday.

The weather elements, rain, thunder, and wind are still doing battle with each other as debris items are being thrown around and into the air and then dropped onto the ground.

But I ignore all of the outside weather arguing and get myself prepared for work on Friday as well as having difficulty walking after today’s workout.



Today is a glorious day! It’s my birthday! I wake up to some cards and some gifts as well as breakfast which is scrambled eggs on toast.

As soon as I get into work and log onto my work emails, I am inundated by birthday wishes – although it took me a good 8 minutes to climb the stairs up to my floor.

And we all know whose to blame here- my three exercise physiologists!!!!

That night I am treated to a buffet dinner, and I open more cards and gifts and reply to text messages, and Facebook posts from people all wishing me a happy day.

Happy Birthday


I can still barely walk properly! But Hey Ho! I take this day as one for relaxing and resting!

Overnight the weather elements keep me awake!

I’m glad to have a couch on which I can relax on, and I don’t have to get up from it as my legs defiantly won’t allow me to!

That evening a takeout is ordered to complete my birthday weekend!



The elements in one final push for weather supremacy go at it all night and all day!

The weekend is over and hopefully the wild weather is too!

If I were to award the gold medal to one of them it would be all of them!

I’m glad the weather week from hell is finally over!

Fingers crossed it is just cold from now on and the rain and the thunder and the wild winds back off and leave me alone!



As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Autistic Nick Facebook Page

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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