Why do we fear Monday?

What is it about Monday that sends us into a tailspin?

We rage against the beginning of the week, and I wonder why?

Look Mondays aren’t all that great, we’ve had two days of rest and relaxation but when it’s Sunday night, we know that Monday isn’t too far away.

Its as if we can hear Monday taunting us on Sunday night whispering “I’m only round the corner” or “I’m coming” and they have an evil cackle of a laugh. It sounds like a Jinks Monsoon laugh. Ira Snave will no doubt get that reference.

Mondays for me are my occupational therapy day. I usually head out with my support worker for a 50 min walk beforehand.

It’s a coastal walk taking in the blue sea of Quins.

We often stop off for a coffee/hot chocolate before heading into my appointment.

Going for a walk


The first of my two days that I work. I am sticking to a structured routine as I’m working from home currently.

I make sure that I am cleanly shaven and am prepared for my Zoom meeting with my editor.

I open my emails and then open a document that I save after every shift.

The document is basically a list of what I’ve done on that Tuesday or Thursday during my shift.

Once open I’ll make updates to it and then be ready to present this to my editor over our Zoom meeting.

For me It’s a handy record of what I’ve done and gives me a visual reference of who I’ve heard back from or who I need to chase for my articles.

I always send a copy to my editor and keep one for myself so that I know where I am up to on any given article that I am working on.



On the Zoom again! I am such a greedy Zoomer! I can’t get enough. Sooner or later, I’ll be scouring the internet late at night attempting to enter any random Zoom meetings just to crave my addiction to them!

Once again, I am prepared for this meeting with my screenwriting mentor.

I scribble, we discuss, we disagree, we stab a pen onto a piece of paper, we cry, we fight, we reach a resolution, I sweet talk her into accepting a line of dialogue, she realises and attempts to forcibly bring it down, It’s a brutal hour. We agree to meet up again in a fortnight but not necessarily on a Wednesday.

Me after my Zoom meeting


Back on the Zoom once more! Boy I really cannot get enough Zoom, can I?

Another Zoom another organised meeting.

We discuss where I am on my latest article, who has agreed to be part of it and where I am in the writing stage.

I give an update via my list of what I’ve done so that we can both see how everything is shaping up.

Then I head off the Zoom, I need a break from it.

I then write sentences, I delete them, I re-write them, I look at them in disgust, I use alternative words via the word dictionary.

It’s a long day of being making sure that what I write is clear and has clarity and is conscience.



Finally, a Zoom free day! No more Zooms until next Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day I go to Aldi and then the rest of the day is my own to do what the hell I like!

I may indulge myself with my mentoring homework which is me looking at her feedback to my script and then attempting to interpret from her minimalist words that she has written as a note.

To use the word minimalist is not an understatement.

If I was a slam poet writing down my rhymes into a journal, I would use more words.

Other options include heading out to a river and sitting on a grass bank, where upon a picnic basket is opened and a wine and cheese afternoon unfolds.

My Picnic


The heat has been turned up here in Western Australia. It’s a roasting 45 degrees.

I am so over the summer.

I want winter to come in March thank you.

I will not be swayed on my position.

I can’t handle the heat.

Lucky then that I have an Olympic size swimming pool in my 100 acres back garden.

I lay on a lino and soak up the sun, sipping a cocktail or two and then enjoy a light lunch

Before the sun sets in the evening.

What a week I’ve had.

It’s been highs and lows, fights and tears, luxury, and swimming pools.

Here’s hoping that you all have a good week this week.

Me in my Pool


As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Autistic Nick Facebook Page

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

1 thought on “AUTISTIC NICK’S WEEK”

  1. Such a Zoom pig! Jeez, I thought I was bad.

    You do have a busier week than I and I appreciate the glimpse into yours.

    On a serious note, you had me at “a Jinx Monsoon laugh.”

    Stay great and I look forward to reading your next post.


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