As midnight struck an exhausted Easter bunny slumped into its bed and fell fast asleep after delivering easter eggs to all and sundry because of the greedy need for a product containing coco.

Does the Easter bunny get any thanks for his tireless efforts? No! But at least he can rest for the rest of the year before April comes around in 2023.  

My week hasn’t been as exciting as the unpaid, exhausted, over worked, under appreciated easter bunny but here is a snapshot of it anyway.


Mondays are like that unwelcomed relative turning up unannounced and interrupting your lazy Sunday. After double checking that it was in fact Monday, I prepared myself for a telehealth appointment that I had at 11.30.

In the interim I checked work emails, and text message replies.

One text message I sent hadn’t been replied to (it’s now on it’s second week of not being responded to).

That person simply isn’t working 24×7 and could have easily replied.

I am now on text reply watch.

The telehealth meeting goes well, and I have lunch and check my phone.

I know, it’s a pointless futile thing to do.

I mean its not that I have run through a million scenarios in my head since then!

Me checking my phone


A text message watch update. I woke to see my phone flashing and I got all excited but then when I saw the actual text message it was from a scam message and even though for that briefest of moments, I clung onto the fact that this person had text me back I was bought back down to earth with a bump.

If this was a movie, it would be that scene from the notebook, where in the pouring rain I say I text you everyday and they say did you? I’m not sure.

Obviously, that is the abridged version and set in the modern day. I’m sure emojis would have been added or I would have made a TikTok video or something. Maybe I’d have done an Instagram live?

Blocked scam text message and got prepared for work – I am still currently working from home.

Worked from home and spent my four-hour workday tracking down graphs and bar charts etc. Basically, I was tracking down stats, stat!  

It’s very exhausting attempting to track down stats for an article.

I don’t think that I have ever sent so many emails to so many people.

I did use a tool that I have come to like very much called a snipping tool, which basically lets you take a screen shot but as an image.

I’m not sure I am explaining that right but Hey Ho! Go Google it!

So, after a lot of emailing and snipping my shift ends and I take my well-deserved nap!

Snipping Tool


Text watch update – nothing.


Anyway, it wasn’t a super busy day today, but I was meeting a potential new support worker for a meet and greet, which are always fun!

Between that meeting and my morning no text message arrived.

I know right!

The nerve!

The audacity!

No decision has been made on whether I’ll use this potential new support worker.

I have very high standards when it comes to using a support worker and I simply haven’t made up my mind yet whether I’ll use them.

Potential new support worker


Back working from home again!

I check my emails, and I have a lot of them!

All those people, institutions, organisations, who use stats that I need for my article have all gotten back to me, unlike that person who I sent a lovely text message to and yet they are still unable to reply?

I begin sorting through the replies and then cutting and pasting the various graphs, bar charts, pie charts, etc into where I want them to be placed throughout the article.

Another exhausting four hours!

By the time nap time comes around it’s a very welcomed guest.

That night I took advantage of the late-night shopping offered by Aldi and did my weekly shop because the tomorrow is Good Friday, and no shops are open!

Me working from home


It should be renamed lazy Friday and I’d be happy to celebrate that!

Text watch update nothing!!


Anyway, the day is lazy, and nothing happens of any interest.



I got an easter egg but no text reply.

I have been very lazy over Easter but then again who cares?

I’m not the kind of person to go rock climbing, or abseiling.

I’m more the person who would sit on the grass on a quilted blanket with an over stocked picnic basket overflowing with cheeses and crackers and an assortment of delicious foods.

Well happy easter to you my dear readers.

My type of relaxing weekend


As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Autistic Nick Facebook Page

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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