Lights! Camera! Action! Went my week last week and on the back of my podcast debut I have been keeping a low profile.

You can watch myself on the ListenAble podcast by viewing it here.

I didn’t want to be leaving my house only to come face to face with TV reporters (none came by the way!) asking me question after question about it.

I didn’t even get onto the 7pm news bulletin that night! (No one asked me!)

On the same day as my podcast dropped my latest article dropped too! Which you can read by clicking on the link here.

So, that’s why there was no blog post last week thanks to the hundreds of emails asking me where it was!

I hope that clears it up?!

Now onto my week!


My support worker is still in the UK on holiday, so I had this Monday all to myself! I worked out in my garage in my temporary gym and then I made my way to see my occupational therapist. We sat in the sun light outside in the local park on a bench.

Although the mask mandate has been lifted, they are still required to wear a mask (company policy) and due to my sensory issues surrounding wearing a mask we sat outside and basked in the sunlight and had a conversation.

Came home feeling a little faint (too much sun perhaps?) but after eating felt a little better and relaxed by doing a word search.

The park bench I sat on Park benches, Loughor by Jaggery is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0


Oh, Tuesday how unprepared I was for thee! I log onto my work email and find that a lot of people have overnight or that morning emailed me!

People too haven’t read the bit in my email signature where I state my hours and days that I work and are complaining about me not getting back to them by now!


After ploughing through what seemed like an eternity of emails, I was ready for my Zoom meeting with my editor!

The rest of my shift was spent sending, answering you’ve guessed it emails!!

Mainly some were of high praise for my podcast and some for my latest article being published.  

 The shift ended and I took my regularly scheduled nap!

Emails being sent and being received


A break from the relentless emails from work/others. A day to relax and to take easy.

I was scheduled to have a ZOOM meeting with my screenwriting mentor, but we had to reschedule due to her having a scheduling issue with something her end.

I’m so easy going that I wasn’t even upset/angered/disappointed/at a loss as to what to do with my day in any shape or form.

Not that I had scheduled an email to be sent out after I’d work bloody hard on the assignment that had been set.

No, I’m all ok over here Linda!

I also posted my postal vote as we have an election over here in Australia.

The Zoom Meeting that never happened 😦


Back at work, from inside my bedroom sitting at my desk. Oh, how I haven’t noticed that white virginial painted wall before now, or the way I have to angle my computer to get a high wi-fi signal.

Or how I have to change the language on the word document from English US to Australian English every single fregging time!

Or why word constantly corrects every word or phrase that I write because it’s got nothing better to do. Fuck off word!

So, my day was spent on emails, and researching and tapping away on my keyboard making sure that my words were clear and concise.

Who installed the grammar Nazi in word? Because I just want to find them and give them a gigantic slap around the face!

The grammar thing has just picked up that I was missing a comer and how I have to needs to be changed to I must! Hey word it’s my document/blog post and I’ll write what I like thanks all the same!

Me working from home


Masked and with my shopping list in hand I enter Aldi and do my weekly food shop.

I want to get this out of the way as soon as I can before I do anything else on a Friday.

The car park was particularly busy, but I just sucked it up and headed inside to buy what food I needed and got out of there as soon as I could.

I spent the rest of the day resting and being thankful that it was finally the end of the working week.

Me Shopping At ALDI


La weekend! Hello you! Two days to go whatever I like! Lovely! The two days where I don’t check work emails, or write blog posts, or do anything taxing.

I catch up on my tv shows via my streaming service thankful that I don’t have to answer any work emails or be reprimanded by the word grammar police!

Relaxing on the sofa


As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Official Autistic Nick Facebook Page

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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