I came out onto Ramsay Street and gave a heartfelt impassioned speech about neighbours and the impending rise of the cost of living whilst rallying against the economic forces at work and how I plan to march against a price hike for potatoes in August along the Blue Mountains in Sydney.

Oh, I’m so sorry that’s a short film that I’m working on!

My week isn’t quite as exciting as that but well let’s see what I can do!


In an attempt to become more Marie Kondo and less doing things at the last minute I have taken to preparing my lunch for the next day by making it after I’ve eaten my lunch so I know that I will have lunch for the next day and won’t spend $16 on a pulled pork panni and a coffee. No Linda I won’t say their name! Chanting it won’t make me do it. Whispers to Linda who is it. Linda’s shocked and is now taken to lying down on the sofa. But Linda I say, “she works full-time, she can afford it.” I have proven this to work as I didn’t spend $16 for lunch! Yeah, I’m that person, who saves his money!


After a delicious lunch (yeah you know, I wasn’t not going to say anything right?). I spend the day emailing and researching for my next article. My mind wanders as to what I could spend $16 on?? Not much as it turns out, but you know the smugness that I have for not spending $16 on lunch and even considering what I’d do with it fills me with joy and spreads a smile across my face.

Me smiling internally Photo by Stefan Stefancik on


A song is playing in my head “I saved $16 this week…” yeah, it’s a great song to be honest! Things are happening in the background at home (it’s my birthday on Saturday!!). So, things are a foot. Plans have been made and I am none the wiser. Save $16 by making my lunch for work tomorrow (does a small victory dance!!). I’m also hoping that Lorraine my support worker is back after suffering a work injury. Not caused by me telling her my $16 lunch story.

Isn't it time we talked?
Me about to sing my $16 song


I cannot stand when someone personalises their work desk at work. Making a collage of family photos in a fan like way, putting orange sunglasses on a toy owl, having a Ron Burgandy bobble head, it’s like those people who have personalised number plates on their car you may as well have wanker as your number plate. I won’t be swayed with my opinion on this matter.


Spent the day working on a script for a short film I’m working on titled “$16”. A story of a person who spends $16 on lunch. I feel during the middle of the movie it could lend itself to a song and dance routine perhaps. Shocked café patrons eating hot chips would look on a ghast as they overhear how much they’ve spent on lunch. I feel I would earn a standing ovation at the Sundance film festival, and in Cannes it would be a highly celebrated movie amongst the French and be held in high esteem. I would do a TED Talk on it too and I would be swept up in the moment and be overcome with elation and emotions. It would also garner an EMMY win too because of its strong message during these difficult economic times. Time magazine would applaud its strong message on greed. Oh, I can dream.

Me winning an oscar for my movie


I awake and it’s my birthday!! Whoop! Whoop! Yes so, I spend the day celebrating, eating cake, doing puppies and kitten puzzles etc. I had a great day, and I got a great cake made for me and some lovely messages wishing me a happy birthday via text messages, Facebook messenger, a fax, a telegram, a note attached to a pigeon’s ankle, a message written in the sky, a plane flying by with a banner saying happy birthday Nick, a flash mob outside my home.  

My Birthday Victorian Sponge Cake


Currently its 17 degrees and I am writing this blog post in my bedroom at my desk. The air is chilly, and I am snug wrapped up in warm clothing. A mug of hot tea sits by my side warming up my insides. Its nearly lunch time too. So, I’m going to go and make myself some lunch and eat some birthday cake. I am also considering contacting A current affair to see if they’re interested in my $16 story, they’ll spin it into something it isn’t!!

Me working in my jumper


As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Official Autistic Nick Facebook Page

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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