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He’s a recap of where we are in this story which is ongoing currently!

So, if like me you thought that by now this news story (see below was done and dusted and would have been ready for broadcasting by now then you like me would be truly mistaken!!)

You see there’s always that one person who raises their hand and suggests that maybe a second or third voice maybe needed in order to offer a more balanced viewpoint and hey presto that’s what happened.

So tomorrow (Tuesday the 27th of September 2022) I along with Bec and Si (maybe not sure) are heading out once again in the ABC van to go and film at another location!!

Today I spent writing out some more questions and for the person that I am going to be interviewing.

I honestly didn’t think that we’d still be in this place, but I’ve had my eyes opened and we sadly are!

So once this is filmed, it’ll be back to the editing suite and fingers crossed it is ready for broadcast before the end of this month!?!?

Original Blog Post


It’s 2.30pm on a Friday here in Western Australia.

I am usually taking a nap at this point during the day in order to de compress, and function for the rest of the day as well as eliminating the days sensory onslaught.

But on this Friday, at this time when I’m meant to be de compressing, I’m being picked up by my support worker Lorraine to be taken to a location to film my very first news story.

The story is about teaching Autistic children to swim.

I should point out that some filming prior to us heading out to the swimming location had taken place in Port Macquarie in NSW.

This footage will be edited into the story for broadcast.


That morning I logged onto my work emails and began to print out all the information that I would need.

This included the contact phone numbers of the media people organising the shoot at the location, and the questions that I had prepared for the people that I would be interviewing.

I also made sure that my phone was fully charged and that I had an outfit picked to appear on camera.

I then sent this information to the person who was coming with me to support and explain and show me the ropes on how such shots work and just was involved.


Lorraine and I arrive at the location at 3pm.

In the reception area to meet me is the media officer, the swim instructor, and the family appearing on camera.

Bec my work colleague and support for the day arrives and we set off with our camera man Si to begin filming the sequence of events that will be broadcast during the news story.

Bec and Si head off to the side of the pool and begin to film.

Bec regularly came over to explain what they were doing and kept me informed.

They then film the swim instructor and the son in the pool.

During that time, I sat and chatted with some of the staff members and had a snack and some water.


We then went outside, and I began to interview the family, and the people who worked for the swimming place.

Under Si’s guidance I was told where to stand and how to hold the microphone.

This wasn’t one of those that have the box bit underneath it, this one was heavy, and I had to support it with my other hand (my left) as I was holding it in my right.

This all went well and all went off without any issues.


I’m not going to lie this was the trickiest bit of the filming process for me.

I made several attempts to nail this each time without much success.

I was tired and I was getting frustrated with myself.

I hadn’t had my nap which I think was impacting me.

I began to shake my hands at the side of my body.

I was tired and trying to memorise the lines.

These words weren’t hard, it wasn’t a paragraph or a long sentence that I was attempting to memorise.

I hadn’t been asked to recite the entire first novel of the Lord of the rings.

I did it! Eventually!

And when they called “it’s a wrap” I was very relived.


I’m glad that I prepared myself and that Bec had outlined what was involved in the office beforehand and that I was able to achieve this.


I’m back in the office on Tuesday which is when I’ll start to write a script for the news story.

This will be recorded as a voice over.

During that time the piece will be edited and any titles etc will be added.

I don’t have an exact broadcast date yet, but when I do, I’ll let you all know.


My thanks to Bec, Si and Lorraine. I couldn’t have done without you guys.


As always, I can also be found on Twitter:@AutisticNickAU and on the Official Autistic Nick Facebook Page Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.

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