Today marks an auspicious occasion

As I fling open the wooden shutters and allow the sunlight to pour in, I look down across the town square to see excited villagers hurrying around with fixed smiles on their faces

Bunting is being stretched and attached to wooden posts

Tables are having virginal white tablecloths laid onto them

Chairs are being scraped and pushed under the table

The smell of cooking can be smelt for miles around

Wine is being delivered on the back of a donkey

A banner is being placed up high

It reads “Autistic Nick’s Favourite Blog Posts for 2022

So here then are my top ten favourite blog posts from the 2022 that I have written from 324 that I have written this year.

ABLEISM AND THE TV SHOW PEACEMAKER *Just a heads up that there will be no spoilers given here* I’ve just finished watching the HBO Max TV show “Peacemaker”. So, far nothing wrong in that right? Well, go in 7 episodes and we hit a problem. Just a heads up that there will be no spoilers…

AUTISTIC NICK FILMS HIS FIRST NEWS STORY PART ONE It’s 2.30pm on a Friday here in Western Australia. I am usually taking a nap at this point during the day in order to de compress, and function for the rest of the day as well as eliminating the days sensory onslaught. But on this Friday.

autism interviews

And part two.

So, you want to become a Blogger? Being a blogger isn’t all al fresco lunches on the river, and sipping champagne whilst eating fancy food from the WA region whilst basking in the glory of your latest blog post accumulating a record number of views via the stats tool on your website. To get to.

10 Things

10 SIGNS THAT AUTISTIC NICK IS UPSET I don’t necessarily get upset that easily. It takes a lot to push me to my Autistic breaking point.   For me it depends on the situation- what’s happened? – what’s occurred? – who said what? – how did they say it? – what was the conversation about.

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10 SIGNS THAT AUTISTIC NICK IS HEADING INTO A SHUTDOWN Following on from last week’s “10 signs that Autistic Nick is getting overwhelmed” I’ve decided to follow up on the success of that one with another one. Before we get into this – it’s time for an explanation on just what a shutdown is.

AUTISTIC NICK AND HOW BEST TO COMMUNICATE WITH HIM A TOP TEN LIST Communicating as an Autistic person is an exhausting process, it is more hard work for people with Autism. We’ve got to remember such a lot of things and pick up on social cues and it’s a tiring part of our daily life.

AUTISTIC NICK AND THE EFFECTS OF NOT COMMUNICATING WITH HIM EFFECTIVELY AN OPINION PIECE It’s a cold 12 degrees on a Tuesday morning. A slow beat of a drum can be heard in the background. A montage of someone (me) getting ready for the day plays out. As the drums begin to beat a little.

KILLING OFF AUTISTIC CHARACTERS – THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY *Please note there will be spoilers ahead* This month I watched season 3 of the Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Imagine my shock when a mysterious man began to appear in episodes. I hadn’t worked out who he was and why he was there, they like to do.

AUTISTIC NICK IS HEADING BACK TO THE OFFICE AND HE’S NERVOUS For 3 long exhausting months I have been seated in front of my computer, facing my camera, and staring into a square of a Zoom call and now it’s all come to an end. At first it was like being a small child at.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE Thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me, subscribed to my blog, read my articles, commented, liked and shared on social media and just be down-right wonderful and positive towards me and my story.

Wishing you all a happy holiday and I’ll see you back in 2023 for more thoughts from across the spectrum.


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