Life is a mystery; everyone must stand alone.

And dam it Madonna was right!

People are a mystery too!

(Ohhh and gasps!)

It’s true Linda!

Being a blogger people think that I am going to lay my life bare and reveal things about myself through my blogging.

But you’re wrong, that’s not who I am!

Granted I’ll write about things that have happened to me and what the outcomes of those situations were but you can’t know everything about me!

Anyway, today I am going to reveal (yes this may come across as a contradiction I understand!) ten things about myself that you may not be aware of/know!


When I catch the train to work, I like/prefer it when the seats are facing either backwards or forwards in two. See photo below. I don’t like it when its one long seat and everyone sits bunched up next to me. I like to be able to either face the way that the train is travelling or face the passengers. I also need time to be able to write/make notes in my notebook.

The train seats that I prefer


Every Tuesday and Thursday I will get out my notebook from my backpack and write the heading “things to do today”. Then I will make bullet points under that heading of things that I either want to discuss or people that need I to chase up or whatever it is. That way I am prepared, and I can structure my day around what I’ve written down.

My Notebook


I make sure that I have a supply of at least 6-8 biros in my backpack. I need to always have a pen on me. If I don’t have a pen then I will use my notes app on my mobile phone. But I prefer to write thins down with a pen touching the paper and making words appear.

My Pens


I have at least two sensory items that I know are in my backpack and are there if I need them. These are small and portable and can be carried around in my backpack and are not heavy. If I know that I have these on me then I can at least feel a sense of calm.

My Fidget Spinner


I have my noise cancelling headphones as well as some other headphones that I carry in my backpack with me at all times. I also have the recharger for the noise cancelling headphones in my backpack too. I don’t want to have my noise cancelling headphones run out of battery on me whilst I am at work.

My Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones


I always carry a packet of headache tablets with me as I get headaches a lot from stress, being overwhelmed, fatigued, tired etc.

My Headache Tablets


When I catch the train to work I have worked out where to sit so that when the train comes to a complete stand still I am right by the escalator so that I can step out from the train as quickly as I can to avoid getting crushed by the crowds. This is at the front of the train heading to work so that when it gets to my stop I am by the exit. When I leave work and catch the train back home, I sit at the front so that again when the train comes to a complete stand still it stops right by the escalator.  

Currambine Train Station


I attempt to park my car at the train station car park right at the front by the ticket machine. So that it’s not a long drawn out walk for me. It’s very rare to get a parking spot right at the front but when I can I always attempt to get one right there.

Currambine Train Station Car Park


On a train I always make sure that I am seated on an even seat number. So I’ll count two seats in and then sit down. If I am parking my car, I do the same. It must be an even number if that’s not possible I will attempt to sit/park in an even number spot.

Counting Seats


I made the decision last year that every month I would treat myself to an all over body massage. I love them. I feel so relaxed afterwards. All my stresses have been massaged away and I feel on top of the world. I highly recommend it.

Me getting a massage

There I have been very open and honest, and some would say vulnerable here today in this blog post. I don’t know who those people are but I’m sure that if I found and located them they’d say that! Linda said that to me whilst peeking over my shoulder attempting to read this week’s blog post! Linda! You’ll just have to wait!


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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.