Routine and structure go hand in hand for me.

As I sit here eating my carbonara a light lunch for me, I check my emails from my Autistic Nick email account.

The number one question that I am often asked is what is your work routine and what does that look like?

Well, lucky people (the few who asked) I will tell you all about it.

Once I get the attention of the waiter so I can get another glass of Franciacorta I can start to type.

This routine is the same for Tuesday as it is for Thursday.


I wake up at around 6.45am-6.50am on either Tuesday or Thursday my working days. I fill the kettle up with water and put it onto boil. I then grab the eggs, the butter, two slices of bread to put onto to toast, two plates, a butter knife, and a spoon and two egg cups. In the saucepan I place the boiling water and two eggs (I love a soft-boiled egg) and I wait 4 mins then I eat my breakfast.

My Breakfast

I then hit the shower, shave, and dress. The night before I would have made my lunch and I must remember to grab it out of the fridge before I leave for the day!


I enter the train station car park at around 8.20am. My train leaves at 8.30am. I pay for the parking with my Smart Rider and then walk up the stairs to pay for my ticket and then wait for my train. On the train I get out my notebook and write down what I need to do for that day and what I need to discuss with whoever. I have to catch two trains to get to work. One from where I live, then at Perth underground I have to catch another train to get to where I work.

My Train


Once I have logged in (why does something so simple as logging in take so long?). Once I have logged in then I start to check emails and rummage through my bag for my notebook and pen.

Me at Work


The best part of the day in all honestly. I usually take my lunch at my desk. I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to walk to where there is some seating also it’s easier for me to be in close proximity to my desk. I make sure that I have my hot mug of tea, and some paper towel.



After a satisfying 4-hour shift, I am ready to leave work for the day. My fatigue is beginning to set in, and I am ready to head home. I leave work, catch the train to Perth underground, then head towards the platform to catch my train home. I sit in silence on the train, maybe I’ll check my phone but that’s very rare. I just want to get home.

Claisebrook Train Station


Once home, I wash up my lunch things, have a shower, get into my pj’s, put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket and then take a nap.

Well, wasn’t that an exciting glimpse into my life.

I’m sure you were all blown away by that.

Some of you may be sitting down wondering how I am able to handle such an exciting life.

I don’t know how I do it some weeks!

My Bedroom


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Thank you for reading and I will see you next time for more thoughts from across the spectrum.