Reflections from a Red Head Interview

Janine Ripper

So a little background information.... This is Janine Ripper Who through her blog  shares her personal story of depression, anxiety, burn out and recovery through learning self-care and how to live authentically, to help inspire others on their path to wellness. I sat down with Janine to find out more about her and her… Continue reading Reflections from a Red Head Interview

A Typical Interview!

A Typical Interview

  I got interviewed by a student at Curtin University her article appears below  Atypical: Netflix’s not so typical take on autism “Inclusion of special needs young people in TV shows can be tricky, especially in comedies. But there's a sweet, honest tone to the new Atypical.” Roger Catlin, Rotten Tomatoes “Too often, Atypical defaults… Continue reading A Typical Interview!