6 life lessons that I’ve learnt from having Autism

So today mark's my 100th Post!! Who would've thought that I would have had one hundred things to say about having Autism? Well I have! So today's post is about 6 Life Lessons that I've learnt from having Autism: 1.Tolerance Ok so yes I have autism and while it's not something that is easily spottable,… Continue reading 6 life lessons that I’ve learnt from having Autism

Autism news round up for June 2018

News round up

It's the end of the month and this means that it's time for an Autism News Round-up.  We start with this piece from the Conversation titled "Why do some people with autism have restricted interests and repetitive movements?" This article takes a closer look at the cluster of behaviours that form part of an autism diagnosis:… Continue reading Autism news round up for June 2018