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For people with Autism like Nick McAllister, one of the biggest challenges is finding a job


Netflix show Atypical and Rain Man don’t tell the real story of living with Autism


Masking when you have Autism can help you blend in, but you might not be doing yourself any favours


Jobseekers with a disability are often asked to declare it, but more firms are moving away from just ‘ticking the box’

Model and activist Angel Dixon says there are two invisible barriers that prevent her and other disabled people from entering a clothing store — and they’re both essential to the shopping experience.

“If your store isn’t physically accessible or your staff feel uncomfortable around a person with a disability, then we’re not coming in,” she says.


Starting a successful small business as someone living with a disability


Jodie met Paul online, and it was love at first swipe, but it wasn’t until months later she told him — just before they met in person — she used a wheelchair.


Travel with a disability shouldn’t be that hard, and there’s billions on offer to businesses who prioritise accessibility


Acquiring a physical disability after birth presents unique challenges but new opportunities


Reality TV shows Big Brother, The Voice and The Amazing Race helping to ‘crush’ stigma around disability


Disability advocates say businesses need to lose ‘fear of the unknown’ to find untapped potential


Women living with disability can face extra hurdles breaking free of abusers, survivor warns.

Nicole Lee was 24 when she met her now ex-husband, an amputee, through disability sports. 

[Content warning: This story deals with sexual abuse and domestic violence.]



This is what it felt like to be lost in Australia’s COVID-19 response as a person with Autism

There is one important community of people who have been unable to comprehend the information delivered during the pandemic, writes WA disability affairs reporter Nick McAllister.